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Z Purlin in Kolkata

As the name suggests, Z purlin is a horizontal structure of Z-shape that is used to support the roof loads coming from the roof deck sheathing. JBFS purlins, a pioneer manufacturer out of the best Z Purlin in Kolkata, are made from the cold-rolled steel technique and completely recycled, hence supporting eco-friendly solutions. 

Best Z Purlin Manufacturers in Kolkata

Generally, the Z-shaped purlins are needed for supporting the roofing loads and the usage of machines assists in delivering high-value production in a relatively short time further, this purlin is absolutely error-free as it has been manufactured with innovation. This type of purchaser needs instant and easy processes for completing the orders which are used by highly automated machines and techniques. We are the best  Z Purlin Manufacturers in Kolkata.

Zed Lip Channel Suppliers in India

Our purlins are used by most esteemed industries of India because they are economical, flexible, give superior performance, anti-corrosion, fast, easy to operate, and fireproof. As it is known as one of the prime Zed Lip Purlin Suppliers in India, JBFS is increasing its productivity by using an extraordinary work approach. We as pioneers in the industry offer Z purlin, galvanized purlins, steel purlin, and C purlin in India.

Automated machines support the Purlin industry

One of the topmost Z Purlin Suppliers in West Bengal serves Z-shaped purlins that are dedicatedly needed to support the roofing loads. The use of machines helps to deliver large production in a short time, in addition to that, it is error-free. Belonging to this innovative world, the purchasers require instant and easy processes to complete their orders that can only be possible by using these highly automated machines and techniques. 

Applications of Z purlin

The Z purlins are extensively used for residential and commercial purposes such as buildings, balconies, garages, car-parking areas, and many more. They are generally used in areas where a strong and durable framework is required. The position is always exterior and dimensions range from 1.5mm to 8mm. They are compact, lightweight as well as resistant to weather, heat, and corrosion.

Recycle & Reuse

JBFS FlexiBal® Purlins are made cold rolled steel can be completely recycled therefore creating a Eco-friendly and Green building solution. Go Green, because the Earth needs you to.


JBFS FlexiBal® Purlins help you manage your budget without any compromise with saving in construction weight up to 40% and up to 70% saving in construction time.


JBFS FlexiBal® Z & C Purlins are profiled as per your requirements, giving you flexibility of choosing the lip, flange and web parameters along with thickness and length.

Superior Performance

JBFS FlexiBal® Purlins are lightweight and high strength combination providing a high strength-to-weight ratio providing a high load carrying capacity and are virtually maintenance free.

Anti Corrosion

JBFS FlexiBal® Purlins are available with Anti-Corrosion Galvanized coating to prevents corrosion of the Purlin and thereby increasing the life of the installation. Anti-Corrosion coating thickness can be chosen as per requirement.

Fast and Easy

JBFS FlexiBal® Purlins come in pre-cut and precise quantities as per requirement and are ready-to-assemble. It is better safer, cleaner, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable with minimum disruption in surrounding activity.

Fire Proof

The FlexiBal® Purlins are made with non-combustible fireproof steel and is designed to meet the local fire protection standards and code.

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Product Description

Traditional building techniques are now failing to meet the major challenges being faced by construction industry, resulting in a growing need for more innovative & modern methods of construction. The FlexiBal® Z & C Purlins solution provides the perfect solution to today’s industry needs of pre-engineered, pre-cut, precise, superior quality and ready-to-assemble sections. It is better safer, cleaner, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable with minimum disruption.

Purlins are beams that are designed to form the roof and wall joists of a building structure, sitting between the roofing sheets and the building, acting as a support for the sheet to ensure it is firmly attached and safely in place. The FlexiBal® Purlins are accurately roll-formed using Precision Automatic Roll Forming machine from high-strength lightweight Galvanized [100% Zinc] / Mild steel to your required dimensions to provide an efficient, lightweight, economical purlin. An excellent choice for all kind of Pre-Engineered Building solutions. Cold roll steel so formed does not shrink, swell, split, or wrap and is non-combustible. Consistent quality results in safer structures, less maintenance. If all these weren’t enough to convince you, it helps you manage your budget without any compromise with saving in construction weight up to 40% and up to 70% in construction time.



  • High Strength-to-Weight ratio: Allows extra spanning capability for the most cost-effective structures and reduces transportation costs.
  • Fast Installation: Purlins supplied in precise customizable lengths and pre-punched eliminating need of any fabrication, cutting or welding at the site.
  • Long Life: Purlins are made from Zinc coated steel allowing greater corrosion resistance and lasts longer under extreme weather conditions.
  • Economical: Helps you manage your budget without any compromise with saving in construction cost up to 40% and up to 50% saving against the conventional use of Angles/Channels.
  • Fire-Proof: Steel is non-combustible and won’t contribute to the spread of a fire.
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C Purlin

JBFS is widely regarded as one of the most appreciated C Purlin Manufacturers in Kolkata producing structural C purlins for industrial and non-industrial areas. C purlins provided by JBFS are economical, flexible, give superior performance, anti-corrosion, fast productivity, easy to operate, and fireproof. That is why they are considered as one of the most developed C Lip Purlin Suppliers in India.

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Galvanized Purlin

JBFS is one of the leading Galvanized Purlin Manufacturers in Kolkata that manufacture and supply the best quality galvanized purlin made of different steel metals such as mild steel, galvanized steel, to name a few. The use of good quality steel makes the product highly tensile and great in strength.

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Hat Purlin

Hat purlin is a type of purlins that is used to strengthen the roofing system. One of the well-known Hat Purlin Manufacturers in Kolkata is offering better quality purlins to support the excessive loads on roofs. The hat purlins are durable, weather, abrasion, and corrosion-resistant. Recycling and reuse of purlins are the biggest advantages of hat purlins that make the purlins eco-friendly.

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Sigma Purlin

Purlins are vertical and horizontal support systems for roof framing that provides additional support to the roof decking and sheathing. Sigma purlins are C purlins with a sigma design. This shape of C purlins gives extra strength to the roof. JBFS, one of the renowned Sigma Purlin Manufacturers in Kolkata, manufactures sigma C purlins ranging from 100-300mm in depth and 1-3 mm in thickness.

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Steel Decking Sheet

Becoming one of the leading Steel Decking Sheet Manufacturers in Kolkata, we are providing complete solutions for floor and roof strength. Steel decking sheets have high strength that can support loads because of their ribs and embossments. These sheets are used as a composite floor to bolster the floor design and outlook.

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Floor Deck Sheet

Floor decking sheets are used to form a floor structure. The decking sheets increase the floor strength by combining with the concrete slab that extensively speeds up the construction process and reduces the construction cost. When it comes to the best Floor Deck Sheet Manufacturers in Kolkata, we come first in this industry because of our best manufacturing materials and services provided to buyers.

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Concrete Deck Slab

A Concrete Deck Slab is a kind of roofing system made up of a hybrid of Steel Deck concrete sheet and Concrete which forms a stronger floor structure and it requires only the low concrete volume for the same strength. One of the renowned Concrete Deck Slab Manufacturers in Kolkata supplies high-quality material that does not require additional castings as well as further reinforcement. We use high-technology machines/tools to prepare valuable and effective concrete slabs.

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