Steel Girder Shuttering

Steel Girder Shuttering in Kolkata

Recognized as one of the topmost Steel Girder Shuttering in Kolkata, JBFS contributes strongly to the bridge-making business. This girder bridge holds all the bridge-building fluently and makes the construction process work smoothly and fastly. 

Eminent Steel Girder Shuttering Manufacturers in Kolkata

This type of girder shuttering is made using mild steel and it has been used to form a mold in order to pour concrete for creating the bride girder. The fabrication process in manufacturing the girder is done in accordance with the design and client requirements with the usage of a hot rolled technique. Further, this type of shutter is highly durable and has the ability to hold weight up to 100 tons. It accomplishes this task as it possesses a high level of tensile strength which also possesses a color-coated surface finish. We are the best Steel Girder Shuttering Manufacturers in Kolkata.

Largest Steel Girder Shuttering Suppliers in India

One of the Largest Steel Girder Bridge Suppliers in India offers steel girders made of mild steel. The Shuttering is used to form a mold to pour concrete to create the Bridge Girder. The fabrication is done as per design and client requirements. With the hot-rolled technique, it is quite durable and holds up to 100 tons. It has a tensile strength that depends upon the quality of products, moreover, also has a color-coated surface finish.

Usage of Steel Girder Shuttering Exporters in India

Dealing with all types of construction accessories, we are known to be one of the supreme Steel Girder Shuttering Exporters in India that manufacture wide steel bridges to fasten up the bridge construction work. This kind of shuttering accessory is best suited for foundation walls, culverts, pier caps, retaining walls, columns, and piers, to name a few. Further, this complete steel system helps in achieving faster pour rates, is very easy to assemble, and is capable of covering large distances without any intermediate support system.

By supplying an extensive product range and quality assured construction products, we are one of the prime Beam Steel Girder Bridge Wholesale Suppliers in India. We believe serving high-strength products as strength of the material is the utmost quality for a construction process.

Product Description

JBFS Engineering Systems manufactures steel girders as the means of supporting its bridge deck. The two most common types of modern steel girder bridges are plate and box. The term "girder" is often used interchangeably with "beam" in reference to bridge design. In a beam or girder bridge, the beams themselves are the primary support for the deck, and are responsible for transferring the load down to the foundation.

A plate girder is fabricated by welding plates together to create the desired shape. JBFS Engineering Systems receives large plates of steel in the desired thickness, then cuts the flanges and web from the plate in the desired length and shape. Plate girders can have a greater height than rolled beam girders and are not limited to standardized shapes.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with specific, fully automated CNC machines, which enable a clear and concise construction with preconfigured structural elements using advanced software. We use the latest 3-D Modelling software available to collaborate and create fabrication drawings to ensure that bridge builders have the information necessary to install girders with ease. The process focuses on long-lasting, reliable and low maintenance steel structures, which are dependable and unyielding.

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Scaffolding, also known as scaffold and staging, is a supporting structure needed to help the work crew members at the construction site. To become an absolute manufacturer out of all Scaffolding Manufacturers in Kolkata, we are into the complete construction solution. We offer customized and cuplock scaffolding as per the requirement of customers.

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Cuplock Scaffolding

We, as one of Cuplock Scaffolding Manufacturers in Kolkata, are the whole manufacturer of cuplock scaffolding dealing with all types of scaffold accessories such as Shuttering Plate, Scaffolding Jack, Shuttering Walkway, Spigot, Coupler, Joint Pin, Base Plate, Stirrup Head, Steel Batten, to name a few. In our development process, we follow the quality standards and assure our clients to give top-notch base materials and the latest automation. 

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Adjustable Prop

One of the highly sought-after Adjustable Prop Manufacturers in Kolkata known for its excellence in providing flexible and durable props. High requirement of adjustable props in the construction industry as it helps the labors to work smoothly. Our prompt assistance for clients makes JBFS an effective manufacturing unit in today’s world. 

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MS Shuttering

To be one of the noteworthy organizations amongst all MS Shuttering Manufacturers in Kolkata, we are passionately growing day by day in manufacturing and supplying a great collection of construction machines, materials, and other accessories. We offer products that are highly demanded in the construction market for their high strength, good performance, and smooth finishing.

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Shuttering Products

In the past ten years, JBFS has established itself as one of the prominent Shuttering Products Manufacturers in Kolkata. We as a growing entity serve small and big industrial groups and provide them quality-assured construction materials and construction accessories. By giving extraordinary support and unexceptional quality products to our clients, we have become a trustworthy organization in Kolkata.

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Shuttering Accessories

Shuttering accessories are products that support, connect, or handle the construction materials or wet concrete mixtures during the construction or building process. The accessories make the construction work reliable and easy. We as one of the prominent Shuttering Accessories Manufacturers in Kolkata deliver construction products to small and big industrial clients.

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Wall Form Shuttering Plate

We are one of the superior Wall Form Shuttering Plate Manufacturers in Kolkata that cater to a variety of scaffolding requirements to make the construction process work fluently by using proper quality and high-strength construction accessories. Using our strong expertise and latest automation, we offer construction products with the latest designs, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

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