Scaffolding in Kolkata

Scaffolding, also known as scaffold and staging, is a supporting structure needed to help the work crew members at the construction site. To become an absolute manufacturer out of all Scaffolding Manufacturers in Kolkata, we are into the complete construction solution. We offer customized and cuplock scaffolding as per the requirement of customers.

Advanced Scaffolding Manufacturers in Kolkata

We provide an extensive range of scaffolds that are needed on an urgent basis by various people working on construction sites. Our broad range of scaffolds involves various products like Spigot, horizontal ledger, U Jack, Base Plate, H Frame, Head Plate, and Spigot, to name a few. Further, the durability and high-strength ability of this product assist the customers in creating a robust building structure that lasts long and encourages the youth of the present generations. We are the best Scaffolding Manufacturers in Kolkata.

High-Class Frame Scaffolding Suppliers in India

Our strong professional expertise helps to support customer needs efficiently. We, the best Frame Scaffolding Suppliers in India provide a broad range of scaffolds such as Vertical cuplock (up to 6 cups), Spigot, horizontal ledger, U Jack, Base Plate, H Frame, Head Plate, and many more. Our durable and high-strength product quality helps customers to build a strong building structure that lasts long and encourages the current as well as future generations. 

Adjustable Scaffold Steel Prop Exporters in India

Our scaffold products are made using high-quality mild steel followed by casting treatments that ensure high product durability, rust resistance, waterproof, and withstand weather conditions. Being an Adjustable Scaffold Steel Prop Exporters in India, our staging products list includes scaffolding system, frame scaffolding system, double scaffolding, metal scaffolding, and scaffolding accessories.

We offer our Services at Reasonable cost

We also offer maintenance and repair services to our esteemed patrons’ that are easily affordable at reasonable costs. Impressed with our product range and certified quality protocols, we are very famous as Individual Scaffold Frames Manufacturers in Kolkata in providing long-lasting product efficacy. We provide an entire construction system to form decking, walling, scaffolding, and support work systems. 

Product Description

Scaffolding system is used to create temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials to aid in the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other man-made structures. Scaffolds are widely used on site to get access to heights and areas that would be otherwise hard to get to safely. Unsafe scaffolding has the potential to result in death or serious injury. Scaffolding is also used in adapted forms for formwork and shoring, grandstand seating, concert stages, access/viewing towers, exhibition stands, ski ramps, half pipes and art projects.

JBFS Engineering Systems manufacture Scaffolding system with all its accessories using advanced automatic machines.

JBFS Scaffolding Systems include:

  • A base jack or plate which is a load-bearing base for the scaffold.
  • The standard, the upright component with connector joins.
  • The transom, a horizontal cross-section load-bearing component which holds the batten, board, or decking unit.
  • Brace diagonal and/or cross section bracing component.
  • Batten or board decking component used to make the working platform.
  • Coupler, a fitting used to join components together.
  • Scaffold tie, used to tie in the scaffold to structures.
  • Brackets, used to extend the width of working platforms.

Specialized components used to aid in their use as a temporary structure often include heavy duty load bearing transoms, ladders or stairway units for the ingress and egress at construction project.

JBFS Adjustable Props are used to create temporary structures for shoring and supporting floor while laying concrete slabs or in applications wherever need of adjustable perpendicular load bearing. These play the role of telescoping centering systems in construction sites. JBFS Adjustable Props are made of steel tubes that can be easily adjusted to heights as per requirement.

These Prop made from 50 NB (60.3mm OD) M. S. Round 'B' class Pipe as outer and 40 NB (48.3mm OD) M.S. Round 'B' class Pipe as inner, which slides in & out for adjusting the height as required with support of malleable cast iron nut and bottom is M.S. Base Plate of size 150*150*6mm manufactured using the advanced CNC CO2 arc welding technology.

For top we offer as per the requirement prop head available in L type, Tilt-up (V Type) Head, U Head and Standard Flat Type and painted with �Dipped� using oxford enamel deep blue color.

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Cuplock Scaffolding

We, as one of Cuplock Scaffolding Manufacturers in Kolkata, are the whole manufacturer of cuplock scaffolding dealing with all types of scaffold accessories such as Shuttering Plate, Scaffolding Jack, Shuttering Walkway, Spigot, Coupler, Joint Pin, Base Plate, Stirrup Head, Steel Batten, to name a few. In our development process, we follow the quality standards and assure our clients to give top-notch base materials and the latest automation. 

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Adjustable Prop

One of the highly sought-after Adjustable Prop Manufacturers in Kolkata known for its excellence in providing flexible and durable props. High requirement of adjustable props in the construction industry as it helps the labors to work smoothly. Our prompt assistance for clients makes JBFS an effective manufacturing unit in today’s world. 

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MS Shuttering

To be one of the noteworthy organizations amongst all MS Shuttering Manufacturers in Kolkata, we are passionately growing day by day in manufacturing and supplying a great collection of construction machines, materials, and other accessories. We offer products that are highly demanded in the construction market for their high strength, good performance, and smooth finishing.

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Shuttering Products

In the past ten years, JBFS has established itself as one of the prominent Shuttering Products Manufacturers in Kolkata. We as a growing entity serve small and big industrial groups and provide them quality-assured construction materials and construction accessories. By giving extraordinary support and unexceptional quality products to our clients, we have become a trustworthy organization in Kolkata.

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Shuttering Accessories

Shuttering accessories are products that support, connect, or handle the construction materials or wet concrete mixtures during the construction or building process. The accessories make the construction work reliable and easy. We as one of the prominent Shuttering Accessories Manufacturers in Kolkata deliver construction products to small and big industrial clients.

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Wall Form Shuttering Plate

We are one of the superior Wall Form Shuttering Plate Manufacturers in Kolkata that cater to a variety of scaffolding requirements to make the construction process work fluently by using proper quality and high-strength construction accessories. Using our strong expertise and latest automation, we offer construction products with the latest designs, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

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Steel Girder Shuttering

Recognized as one of the topmost Steel Girder Shuttering Manufacturers in Kolkata, JBFS contributes strongly to the bridge-making business. This girder bridge holds all the bridge-building fluently and makes the construction process work smoothly and fastly.

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