Prefabricated Labor Colony

Prefabricated Labor Colony in Kolkata

Being one of the Prefabricated Labor Colony Manufacturers in Kolkata, we help our patrons’ to provide an excellent climate control home as well as resistance to fire, termite, weather, and earthquake. A prefabricated labor colony is an excellent alternative to conventional houses. 

These houses have a long life span and are easy to modify. Our skilled professionals make these houses using advanced tools and their innovative ideas so that they attract as many eyes along with it as a comfortable stay for temporary visitors as well as laborers.

An alternative to conventional homes

The very convenient and easily assembled houses are provided by one of the Top Prefabricated Labor Colony Suppliers in India. The houses have insulated roofs which make them resistant to fire and noise. The most commonly used material for the prefabricated labor colony houses is steel. The steel can be customized and modified as per the desired product specifications and dimensions.

Complete solutions provider

We are one of the economic Manufacturers of the Labor Colony in Kolkata as we provide whole solutions to fulfill our customer's desires. By serving the holistic approach to the cost-effective construction business, we are the most appreciative wholesaler brand out of all Prefabricated labor Colony Wholesale Suppliers in India. 

We are the most recommended manufacturer in Kolkata where one can get complete solutions to form a prefabricated houses. Considered as one of the Prefab Labor Colony Distributors in West Bengal, our labor colonies are used to support and provide temporary stay to the laborers involved in any construction process like warehouse, building, hospital, mall, to name a few. We provide color-coated prefabricated labor colonies that enhance the aesthetic appearance of the space it is placed in.

Recycle & Reuse

Steel framed buildings can be dismantled and re-erected elsewhere quickly if required. If a steel frame building is decommissioned, the steel can be completely recycled therefore creating a Eco-friendly and Green building solution. Go Green, because the Earth needs you to.


Helps you manage your budget without any compromise with saving in construction cost up to 40% and up to 70% saving in construction time.

Intelligent Construction

Designed with the help of the CAD-CAM software, visualised in a 3D Modelling software and finally checked with a Structural Stability software to generate structural details to produce sections on automated CNC controlled roll-forming machine with accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm.


The thickness of wall is only half of the traditional concrete structure, and the carpet area increases by more than 10% in comparison with the traditional structure. The external walls mainly bear weight, and flexible layout can be achieved by indoor space.

Fast & Easy

The production of steel framing is 100% computer controlled and is accurate to +/- 0.5 mm allowing for quick construction and doesn't require highly skilled labour for assembly. Factory prefabrication and on-site assembly greatly shorten construction period, noise and disruption in surround activity.


The main structure is designed to last 95 years. As a result, the structural steel framework and bolts use high-performance and anticorrosive technology to prevent the main structure from rusting over years.

Earthquake & Typhoon Resistance

The house is designed to withstand 9 richter earthquake and 12 degree typhoon. The entire house adopts a flexible light weight structure (weighs about 1/6 to 1/4 of a traditional brick structure) greatly improve its performance and safety under earthquake and typhoon destruction.


Modifying an existing steel frame building is relatively simple, making the design high modular. Ideal for expansion of existing structures, additional floors, etc.; proving flexibility for future expansion and relocation.

Fire Proof

The composite wall used are made with Class A non-combustible fireproof materials and is designed to meet the local fire protection standards and code.


From eastern traditional to western modern styles, we can create a variety of architectural designs as long as they comply with local safety standards and building code.

Thermal Efficiency

The container provides an energy efficiency of more than 75% and makes the indoor temperature warm in winter and cool in summer. This is achieved by the adoption �double thermal preservation & compartment insulation� energy efficiency technology. The unique design of heat reflection and inter-layer ventilation with one-way breathing paper placed between the main structure and external wall prevents moisture into the main structure.

  • Size � Designed & Engineered as per requirement
  • Exterior Paneling � 8-16 mm Cement Board / 50-100 mm Sandwich PUF/Cement Board Panel / 0.5 mm Profiled Steel Sheet / 4 mm Aluminum Composite Panel
  • Interior Paneling � 6-12 mm Cement Board / 4 mm Aluminum Composite Panel / 12.5 mm Gypsum Board
  • Floor Paneling � 600x600 mm Vitrified Floor Tiles / 18-22 mm Cement Board with 1.5mm PVC Vinyl Flooring
  • Roof � 0.5 mm Profiled Steel Sheet / 50-100 mm Sandwich PUF
  • False Ceiling � 12.5mm Gypsum Board / 6 mm Cement Board
  • Insulation � 50mm Rockwool / Glasswool / Expanded Polyurethane Foam

Product Description

Our Prefabricated Site Offices provide you with a secure, robust, climate-controlled place to rest, relax, and work in comfort. Prefabricated Site Offices are popular for all kinds of site offices be it construction, mining, manufacturing, etc but also for employee residence that can be constructed at any location minimal site preparation. We know the basic requirement of any site office � safety, light, ventilation, air conditioners, power sockets and lots of storage space! We have taken the utmost care to provide you with the most utility out of these Prefabricated Site Offices. It is very quickly assembled at site and made just how you like in very short timeframe. All of this without even breaking your bank. The best part of it all is that since we custom manufacture the living space from scratch; if you have any special requirements, we will have you covered.

Cold roll steel used to build the structure does not shrink, swell, split, or wrap and is non-combustible. Consistent quality in steel framing results in safer structures, less maintenance. If all these weren�t enough to convince you, it helps you manage your budget without any compromise with saving in construction cost up to 40% and up to 70% in construction time. We offer a full design and supply service, including architectural, mechanical, electrical and interior solutions, and therefore can provide a turnkey package for all needs of our esteemed customers.



  • Customizable, Aesthetic, Durable, Green and Energy-efficient Building.
  • Mobility � Take your office; wherever it needs to go. Quickly disassembly and re-erection, put on a trailer and move, or get it along with a trailer bed.
  • Insulation � Keeps the hot weather outside so that you can Chill inside.
  • Noise Damping � No more annoying outside noise so that you can concentrate on what is Important.
  • Durable - Designed to withstand 9 Richter earthquake and 12-degree typhoon.
  • Customizability � No limitation of dimensions, we can build anything to suit your need.
  • Power Independence � Can be installed with Solar Panels.
  • Modifying an existing steel frame building is relatively simple, making the design high modular.
  • Ideal for expansion of existing structures, additional floors, etc.; proving flexibility for future expansion and relocation.
  • When a steel frame building is demolished, the steel can be completely recycled creating an Eco-friendly and Green building solution. Go Green, because the Earth needs you to.
  • Steel is non-combustible and won�t contribute to the spread of a fire.
  • Use �Double thermal preservation & Compartment insulation� energy efficiency technology to provide 75% energy efficiency.
  • A steel frame building is more resistant to the effects of severe earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados.
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Site Office

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Prefabricated Houses

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Prefabricated Containers

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The home containers are houses that are made of steel. To become one of the notable Home Container Manufacturers in Kolkata, we use the best manufacturing and construction facilities to build a container home. These homes are most preferably considered as farmhouses and small temporary houses because they require a low maintenance cost. 

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Office Containers

In this contemporary era where an ample amount of people are working professionals, office containers are the best choice for every organization. JBFS, an expert container manufacturer out of all Office Containers Manufacturers in Kolkata, delivers top-grade construction material and products to our patrons’.

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MS Porta cabin is one of the portable and security cabins provided by JBFS. Pioneered as MS Porta Cabin Manufacturers in Kolkata, our extensive manufacturing unit, customer service approach and durable quality stand us unique in the market. Portacabins are mobile home structures that can be used for a variety of reasons for a temporary and permanent construction site.

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Wide Expertise

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