PPGL Roofing Sheet

PPGL Roofing Sheet in Kolkata

With the use of high technology equipment and experienced manpower, we are offering world-class broadspectrum PPGL roofing sheets. JBFS is one of the PPGL Roofing Sheets Manufacturers in Kolkata that are manufacturing and supplying huge pre-painted galvalume iron sheets to our patrons. All the sheets are manufactured under strong quality control protocols. We have our in-house testing units that examine all the products following the desired quality approvals.

Prestigious PPGL Roofing Sheets Manufacturers in Kolkata

The term PPGL stands for pre-painted galvalume steel and it is a sort of color-coated steel in which the GL is the substrate. This steel is used for the top coating layer, primer coating, pre-treatment coating, and top coating. Further, the base metal is the innermost part and it often uses cold rolled steel which has been covered using Al-Zn coating. We are the best PPGL Roofing Sheets Manufacturers in Kolkata.

Why is JBFS the best PPGL Colour Coated Roofing Sheet Supplier in India?

Due to the supply of excellent support systems, sturdy construction, lightweight, flexibility, and heat resistance materials, it is considered to be one of the pioneers in PPGL Colour Coated Roofing Sheet Suppliers India. JBFS PPGL sheets are the most popular sheets in the Kolkata market and are available in various design patterns, sizes, colors, and thicknesses.

We are a leading PPGL Roof Sheet Wholesaler in Kolkata which is widely known for its durable and customized services. Our strong product arrays make it a suitable selection for our buyers according to their product requirements. In order to cater to the desired customer needs, we provide super quality assured products and related accessories. The PPGL roofing sheets from Best PPGL Roofing Sheet Dealers in India can be used for a variety of purposes such as Roofing Sheet, cladding, barricading industrial and non-industrial structures like lining oil tanks, institutions, labs, refineries, nuclear power plants, to name a few.


  • Water and heat resistant
  • Superior finish
  • Withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Easy to handle
  • Pre-treatment for longer shelf life
  • Dry, well-ventilated storage conditions
  • High tensile strength
  • Easily modified
  • Ruggedness

Made for You

JBFS FlexiBal® Color Coated sheets are can be availed in any color, length, thickness, coating type to meet your requirements and vision. The FlexiBal® Color Coated sheets are just made for you.

Leak Proof

JBFS FlexiBal® Color Coated roofing sheets have an anti-capillary groove that ensures leakproof performance during rain. The groove stops the water from leaking through gaps that might have developed during installation.

Superior Performance

JBFS FlexiBal® sheet profiles ensure maximum strength to our color coated sheets with a minimum yield strength of 550 MPa. The lightweight, high strength combination requires lighter supporting structure, provides high load carrying capacity and also reduces transportation cost and are virtually maintenance free.

Anti Corrosion

JBFS FlexiBal® Color Coated sheets come with an Anti-Corrosion coating that prevents corrosion of sheets and increases the life of the installation. The FlexiBal® Color Coated sheets can be coated with either Zinc (Galvanise) or Zinc-Aluminium Alloy (Galvalume) [ 55% Aluminium, 43% Zinc, 1.5% Silicon]. Anti-Corrosion coating thickness can be chosen as per requirement.

Thermal Resistance

JBFS FlexiBal® Color Coated sheets provide great thermal reflectivity and help maintain thermal comfort all year round. The FlexiBal® sheets thereby provide high power savings.

Complimentary Accessories

JBFS FlexiBal® Color Coated sheets can be availed with over 20 accessories carefully designed to suit your roofing and structural requirements to provide better utility for your installation.

  • Covered Width – 1070 mm
  • Effective Width – 1000 mm
  • Length – As per requirement
  • Thickness – 0.4/0.45/0.47/0.5/0.55/0.6 mm
  • Pitch Distance – 200 mm
  • Rib Height – 31 mm
  • Yield Strength – 550 MPa
  • Color – Available in 24 colors
  • Corrosion Coating – PPGI/PPGL
  • Corrosion Coating Mass – AZ-70/AZ-150
  • Primers – Epoxy, PU, Polyester
  • Paint Type – RMP/SMP/PVDF/SDP

Popular Colors:

  • RAL 5012 - Light Blue
  • RAL 5015 - Sky Blue
  • RAL 5017 - Nova Blue
  • RAL 3004 - Cherry Red
  • RAL 3013 - Tomato Red
  • RAL 3011 - Brick Red
  • RAL 6024 - Bright Green
  • RAL 6025 - Environmental Green
  • RAL 6005 - Caulfield Green
  • RAL 9010 - Pure White
  • RAL 9002 - Off White
  • RAL 9001 - Cream White
  • RAL 7030 - Stone Grey
  • RAL 7033 - Cement Grey
  • RAL 7024 - Graphite Grey


  • Ridge Plain
  • Ridge
  • Crimped Ridge
  • Gable Flashing
  • Corner Flashing
  • Gable Flashing
  • Valley Gutter
  • Box Gutter
  • Eave Gutter
  • Deep Trime
  • Apron
  • Crimped NLC
  • Down Take Pipe
  • PUF Insulated Panel
  • Self Tapping with Color Cap
  • Turbo Ventilator
  • Louver
  • SkyLight Sheet (Poly Carbonate /FRP Sheet)

Product Description

JBFS FlexiBal® Color Coated Roofing sheets are profiled out of lightweight, high tensile strength steel sheet. Available in a wide range of pre-painted steel roofing and wall profiles including trapezoidal sheets and corrugated sheets system. The FlexiBal® Color Coated roofing sheets, wall cladding sheets and roofing accessories are accurately roll-formed using Precision Automatic Roll Forming machine from steel base which is coated with either Zinc (Galvanise)[100% Zinc] or Zinc-Aluminium Alloy (Galvalume)[ 55% Aluminium, 43% Zinc, 1.5% Silicon]. The superior paint coating over our products ensures that the roof looks new for many years withstanding any weather conditions, without surface discolouration. Roofing sheets come with an anti-capillary groove that ensures leakproof performance during heaviest of rain.

Our profile has 31 mm deep major ribs, spaced at 200 mm from the centre with two additional minor stiffening ribs for extra strength spaced 30 mm from the major ribs; thereby having an effective coverage of 1 metre. Thereby providing high coverage with a reduced number of sheets.

Note: The sheets are shipped with a thin organic scratch protection film to protect the sheets from transit and storage damage. This ensures that when you install the sheets, it has a smooth surface without any scratches or other surface damage.



  • Available in Color of your choice
  • All-Weather Protection
  • Leak Proof
  • Fire Proof
  • Anti-Corrosion Coating of Zinc (Galvanization) or Zinc-Al Alloy (Galvalume)
  • Excellent Space Coverage due to wide sheet profile
  • High Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Minimum Yield Strength of 550 MPa
  • Superior Pain Finish
  • Cost effective
  • Environment Friendly
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • High Resale Value
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Galvalume Roofing Sheet

The bare galvalume roofing sheets are great in strength and highly resistant to weather and corrosion. It has a high resale value as it is coated with a combination of metals like aluminum and zinc alloys. We, as one of the foremost Galvalume Roofing Sheets Manufacturers in Kolkata, manufacture top-grade roofing sheets as well as deal with customization as per the described features and specifications keeping in mind all preventive and safety measures. All these roofing sheets are customizable and easily available in demand with a variety of shapes and sizes. Roofing sheets come with a unique anti-capillary groove that ensures better leak-proof performance during rains.

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Metal roofing sheets are currently being used by several different industrial as well as residential goals. The long-lasting metal sheets support the roofing system efficiently. JBFS, one of the specialists in Metal Roofing Sheets Manufacturers in Kolkata, is a wholesale manufacturer providing roofing sheets and roofing accessories. It is a growing organization that comes under one of the high-class JSW Metal Roofing Sheets Suppliers India. The selection of the size of the metal roofing sheets completely depends upon the dimensions and specifications. It can be customized as per the needs of the customer.

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Roofing Accessories

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