Hydraulic Concrete Mixer

Hydraulic Concrete Mixer in Kolkata

JBFS is one of the first-rate names when it comes to being one of the Hydraulic Concrete Mixer in Kolkata. We provide the best quality hydraulic concrete mixer for fulfilling purposes such as mixing concrete & producing the finest quality of concrete. The hydraulic concrete mixer machine of JBFS is always in demand in the market as its manufacturing is done by using top-grade materials.

Top Hydraulic Concrete Mixer Manufacturers in Kolkata

These mixers help fulfill several purposes like mixing concrete and producing fine quality content. Also, this mixer machine is always in high demand as it has been satisfying several purposes that involve mixing concrete & producing fine-quality concrete. Further, the manufacturing has been done using top-grade materials and we possess immense expertise in offering these types of machines. We are the Hydraulic Concrete Mixer Manufacturers in Kolkata.

Best Concrete Mixer Machine Suppliers in India

Being the most noted Concrete Cement Mixer Machine Suppliers in India, JBFS holds special expertise in providing machines like the hydraulic concrete mixer as their expert professionals design the machine as per the requirements of the construction industry. Further, the machine is constructed by keeping in mind the constantly changing demands of the customers.

Qualities of a Hydraulic Concrete Mixer Exporters in India

One of the pioneer Concrete Cement Mixer wholesale Exporters in India, JBFS manufactures a hydraulic concrete mixer that is widely used in the construction industry for accomplishing the mixing purposes of concrete on a fine basis. Further, their wide range of hydraulic mixers are highly acclaimed by the clients due to their traits like-

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Prolonged service life
  • Enhanced productivity

Further, it boasts features like it is simple to operate, possesses conventional discharge, is equipped with brand new pneumatic tires, & its engine cabin is extremely well ventilated. Also, it has a heavy chassis frame channel and along with it, the machine is directly coupled with an engine. It is also equipped with a hydraulic pump that is directly coupled with an engine and a presentation mixer drum in M.S. JBFS is a mini automatic diesel concrete mixer supplier in Kolkata and it provides the best quality hydraulic concrete mixers in all parts of the world.

High Production Capacity

The JBFS 10/7 Concrete Mixer with Hydraulic hopper is designed to be a workhorse, capable of producing 6 to 8 m³ of concrete her hour. It has ball bearings and gun metal bushes that help the machine to operate smoothly.


The JBFS 10/7 Concrete Mixer with Hydraulic hopper is designed to be compact and easily movable giving it the flexibility to be used at any site as per requirement.

Superior Build

The JBFS 10/7 Concrete Mixer with Hydraulic hopper is made with robust and balanced chassis with a heavy duty blade for homogenous and consistent mixing. The use of quality raw material makes the mixer perform consistently with minimum maintenance.


Due to simple build of the JBFS 10/7 Concrete Mixer with Hydraulic hopper, it is not only easy to maintain but also extremely durable, working consistently round the clock. The Drum has a guaranteed 10% over loading capacity.

Fast & Easy

The JBFS 10/7 Concrete Mixer with Hydraulic hopper comes with an optional Digital Bin Weighing system to allow for accurate concrete mix every time. The Tilting Drum arrangement with large diameter ensures thorough unsegregated mix to the closest specifications both in wet and dry in least possible time, with clean & rapid discharge.

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  • Batch Capacity – 10/7 CFT (280/200 L)
  • Input Capacity – 10 CFT (280 L)
  • Output Capacity – 7 CFT (200 L)
  • Prime Mover – 6HP Air Cooled Diesel Engine / 6HP Petrol Engine / 5HP Electric Motor
  • Hopper Type – Hydraulic
  • No. of Bins – One / Two
  • Production Rate – 6 to 8 m³/ hr
  • Drum Speed – 18 RPM
  • Weighing System – Digital Load Cell
  • Mixing Time – 3 mins
  • Material – Mild Steel & Cast Iron
  • Wheel Type – Cast Iron or Retreated Rubber Tyre
  • Dimensions – 2900mm x 2000mm x 2500mm

Product Description

JBFS presents to you our comprehensive range of high-performance 10/7 CFT Concrete Mixers. Our 10/7 Concrete Mixer with Hydraulic hopper is designed to be a workhorse which can effectively be used for round-the-clock production with consistent homogenous mixing. The material is fed in the machine via a hopper to a tilting drum, mounted on fabricated chassis. Convenient, reliable and easy to operate due to its steadiness and durability. It is engrossed with ball bearings and gun metal bushes that help the machine to operate in a simple and smooth manner. These Concrete Mixers are used to form concrete by blending sand, gravel, metal, water, and additive chemicals together. Due to their immense strength of performing for longer durations, bulk concrete can be produced in a short amount of time while maintaining the superior quality.

Renowned for withstanding continuous hard and rough use as usually encounter at worksite, our entire assortment adheres to the international and national standards (IS 1791:1968) and stringently checked by our quality controller during production and before dispatch.



  • Digital Load Cell based Bin Weighing System
  • High production capacity
  • Can easily shift from one place to another
  • Engrossed with heavy blade for homogenous and consistent mixing
  • Single Spool with manually operated control valve for ease of use
  • Low Maintenance and Durable
  • Longer functional life
  • Extended life span
  • Tyre axle with locking system
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