Highway Crash Barrier

Highway Crash Barrier in Kolkata

As the name suggests, these barriers minimize crashes or accidents on highways. Highway crash barriers are rigid or semi-rigid. The rigid system is completely made up of concrete that does not deflect. The semi-rigid is made up of galvanized steel beams and rails that can deflect to some extent.

Reputed Highway Safety Crash Barrier Manufacturers in Kolkata

The most popular Highway Crash Barrier Manufacturers in Kolkata is JBFS which gives ample crash barrier production and services in the beam manufacturing and trading businesses. The prime Highway Safety Crash Barrier Suppliers India is available in Kolkata and other locations. We manufacture products in a variety of shapes and sizes depending mostly on the area, space of the road, and also on the height of highways along with the type of vehicle traffic

Advanced Highway Crash Barrier Suppliers in Kolkata

Generally, these barriers are used for improving the safety quotient against accidents on highways and we ensure that the highway crash barriers shall possess enough strength for withstanding the collision of vehicles. Further, the quality of raw materials used for production shall not be neglected and the quality should be optimum and should be continuously tested on a stringent basis. We are highly renowned Highly Safety Crash Barrier Suppliers in Kolkata.

Categories of Highway crash barrier

JBFS offers the facility of Wholesale Highway Barriers in West Bengal.The selection of highway barriers mostly depends on the customers’ requirements and can be done from these-

  • Single-Sided Single W-Beam 
  • Single-Sided Double W-Beam
  • Double-Sided Single W-Beam
  • Double-Sided Double W-Beam
  • Single-Sided Single Thrie Beam
  • Double-Sided Single Thrie Beam

Why JBFS ?

It is one of the premier Highway Safety Crash Barrier Suppliers India, the Best Safety Metal Highway Crash Manufacturer Kolkata as it fulfills all the customers’ demands and is excellent in providing Crash Barriers on time while maintaining the highest quality. JBFS values the customers’ needs, hence, is considered as the reputed manufacturer of safety barriers in Kolkata.

Superior Performance

The JBFS W Beam Crash Barrier / Guard Rail system is designed to effectively absorb maximum impact of force, to ensure safety of the vehicles and the passengers inside it. Road safety infrastructure is critical in ensuring safety, and we take it seriously ensuring no lapse in manufacturing.

One Stop Shop

After reaching out to us, all you have to do is sit back and relax. We design, manufacture, erect and commission the installation. One headache less for you.

Quick & Easy

In case of an accident, the Crash Barrier system allows for quick repair, the affected Crash Barriers / Guardrail can be quickly replaced providing no lapses in the safety. 


The JBFS W Beam Crash Barrier / Guard Rail system is supplied with 550 GSM Anti-Corrosion coating of Zinc as per IS 1364 to prevent corrosion and thereby increasing the life of the installation.

Fire Proof

The JBFS W Beam Crash Barrier / Guard Rail system are made with non-combustible fireproof steel and is designed to meet the local fire protection standards and code. It helps protecting the passengers in case the vehicle catches fire.

  • Shape – Thrie / Triple Wave
  • Thickness – 2.5 / 2.8 / 3 / 3.43 mm
  • Width – 506 mm
  • Rib Height – 83 mm
  • Effective Length – 4000 mm
  • Overall Length – 4318 mm
  • Yield Strength – 240 / 345 MPa
  • Raw Material – Fe 360 / Fe 410 / Fe 510 grade Steel
  • Corrosion Coating – Galvanised 550 GSM
  • Post Size – 150 x 75 x 5 mm
  • Post Spacing – 1.5 / 2.0 Center-to-Center
  • Arrangement Options – Single Side Single Beam
  • Single Side Double Beam
  • Double Side Single Beam
  • Double Side Double Beam

Product Description

JBFS presents to you Highway Safety “Thrie” Beam Crash Barrier / Guard Rail system used in roads, highways, expressways, bridges and flyovers to ensure safety of vehicles and its passengers on the road. The Crash Barriers / Guardrails are effective in reducing the impact of force on the colliding vehicle due to its impact absorbing design, thus minimizing the extend of risk and damage to the passengers and the vehicles. We at JBFS design, profile, supply and erect the Highway Safety “Thrie” Beam Crash Barrier and Posts to meet your precise desired design and quality. We profile our Crash Barrier using the latest Automatic Precision Roll Forming machine with only quality raw material which conform to the International Road Safety standard & norms such as “MORTH” & “AASHTO M180” and meet the guidelines and specifications set by the Ministry of Transport and Highway. We have built large product capacity to supports any urgent or bulk order.



  • Provide better safety to the passengers and the vehicle over the conventional concrete Crash Barriers.
  • Available in wide variety of base steel, thickness and arrangements to fit your exact needs.
  • Acts as a shock absorbing components, taking the force away from the vehicles. 
  • Allows for quick repair and replacement in case of any damage.
  • Anti-Corrosion coating on all components to provide long life with no maintenance.
  • Fireproof to provide safety to the passengers in case of any catastrophe.
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W Beam Crash Barrier

JBFS is a W Beam Crash Barrier Manufacturers in Kolkata which provides all the well-equipped W beam crash barriers to industries all over India. Nowadays, these barriers are the most commonly used barriers on the roads which have semi-rigid systems. It is also called the Guardrail system that protects mainly the travelers from the obstructions present along the roadsides.

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Thrie Beam Crash Barrier

JBFS, one of the well-known Thrie Beam Crash Barrier Manufacturers/suppliers in Kolkata, is a leading brand in the growing crash barrier sector. We provide custom-made crash barrier products as per the customers requirements. By following all the standard protocols, we are considered as one of the best Thrie Beam Metal Crash Barrier Suppliers in India who manufactures and supplies high-quality barriers that are long-lasting, cost-effective, easy to handle, as well as require low space and maintenance costs.

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Metal Beam Crash Barrier

Metal beam crash barriers are generally used on most accident-prone areas like highways and roads. The beams can be manufactured using FE 410/510 grade Mild Steel sheet which is then protected against rusting through Hot dip Galvanization.

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Highway Guard Rail

JBFS is one of the leading enterprises in Highway Guardrail Manufacturers in Kolkata. Highway guard rails, commonly known as Road safety guard rails, are the safety system on the sides of the road.

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