Container Office JBFS

Container Office JBFS

Product Description

Our Container Homes / Offices provide you with a mobile, secure, climate-controlled place to rest, relax, work in comfort. Companies can easily move their office to the job-site with minimal site preparation. We know the basic requirement of any office – Air conditioners, ventilation, windows, lights, power sockets, etc. We have taken the utmost care to provide you with the most utility out of these offices. It is very easy to assemble and even be moved around with a Trailer bed. All of this without even breaking your bank.

The best part of it all is that since we custom manufacture the living space from scratch; if you have any special requirements, we will have you covered.

Cold roll steel used to build the structure does not shrink, swell, split, or wrap and is non-combustible. Consistent quality in steel framing results in safer structures, less maintenance. If all these weren’t enough to convince you, it helps you manage your budget without any compromise with saving in construction cost up to 40% and up to 70% in construction time. We offer a full design and supply service, including architectural, mechanical, electrical and interior solutions, and therefore can provide a turnkey package for all needs of our esteemed customers.


  • Customizable, Aesthetic, Durable, Green and Energy-efficient Building.
  • Mobility – Take your office; wherever it needs to go. Quickly disassembly and re-erection, put on a trailer and move, or get it along with a trailer bed.
  • Insulation – Keeps the hot weather outside so that you can Chill inside.
  • Noise Damping – No more annoying outside noise so that you can concentrate on what is Important.
  • Durable - Designed to withstand 9 Richter earthquake and 12-degree typhoon.
  • Customizability – No limitation of dimensions, we can build anything to suit your need.
  • Power Independence – Can be installed with Solar Panels.
  • Modifying an existing steel frame building is relatively simple, making the design high modular.
  • Ideal for expansion of existing structures, additional floors, etc.; proving flexibility for future expansion and relocation.
  • When a steel frame building is demolished, the steel can be completely recycled creating an Eco-friendly and Green building solution. Go Green, because the Earth needs you to.
  • Steel is non-combustible and won’t contribute to the spread of a fire.
  • Use “Double thermal preservation & Compartment insulation” energy efficiency technology to provide 75% energy efficiency.
  • A steel frame building is more resistant to the effects of severe earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados.
Brand FlexiBal®
Exterior Paneling 0.8 mm Color Coated Sheet / 4 mm Aluminum Composite Panel / 8 mm Cement Board / Particle Board
Interior Paneling 8 mm Decorative Particle Board / 8 mm Cement Board / 4 mm Aluminum Composite Panel
Floor Paneling 18 mm Cement Board with 1.5mm PVC Vinyl Flooring and Anti-Slip tiles in Bathroom
Roof Self Draining roof of 0.5 mm PPGL sheet
False Ceiling 6 mm Decorative Particle Board / 6 mm Cement Board
Insulation 50 mm Mineralwool / Rockwool / Spray Foam / Polyurethane Foam / Expanded Polyurethane Foam
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We have various kinds of Purlins such as Z Purlin, C Purlin, Galvanized Purlin, Sigma Purlin, etc. Standard length is 6 Meter and we can also provide purlins as per the requirements of customers.
No product will have the same durability because there is a corrosive effect in sea air or salt. However, we provide a variety of coatings for roofing sheets. For further queries, please contact us.
Through JBFS Engineering Systems Pvt. Ltd. offer economic structural building solutions. We can provide you with the steel buildings as per your requirements or budget. Contact us for a quote.
Accessories are elements that are built into the formwork and it is vital for the operation as well as assembly of the equipment as they ensure the right performance. For purchasing good quality shuttering accessories you can rely on us.
Yes, Being one of the reputed scaffolding and shuttering products manufacturers in Kolkata, we do sell scaffolding & shuttering products throughout India. Our offered products include cuplock scaffolding, MS shuttering, steel girder bridge, etc. Contact us for your precise requirements.

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